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NY Times corrects Abortion story flap January 9, 2007

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After running “Pro-Life Nation” (previously mentioned here) on women and abortion in El Salvador (here), the NY Times has run a correction to clear error in the April 9 cover story in the NYT Sunday magazine.  The article falsely reported… (more…)


Criswell College Journal now online October 23, 2006

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The latest edition of CTR, the Criswell Theological Review, is set to be released. Thanks to DB, you can link to parts of it now on our website: www.criswelljournal.com

Included in this volume:  tongues, contemporary charismatic movement, gifts, pentecostalism, and on being baptist…

KY teacher burns flag; no charges filed September 21, 2006

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In order to teach a lesson on free speech, social studies teacher Dan Holden burned a US flag. “On two occasions, teacher set fire to combustible material (flag), allowing material to burn … then left the classroom filled with students,” reads the investigation. The Stuart Middle School teacher will not face charges for burning the US flag, or exposing “captive audience” to untold stresses, conscious and unconscious.

Next week’s suggested Free Speech lesson plan: Instead of smoking the US flag, display the John 3:1-36 on the overhead. Leave the room, then return and discuss what the students feel. Then, ask them to go home and discuss their social studies experiment with their parents.
Read the CJ article (here)

UVA responds to overwhelming criticism September 16, 2006

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In a previous post (here), I noted the hypocrisy of a society that allows attacks on Christians but files hate crimes charges and makes reparations with other religious groups (in the case of this paper, Muslims). Well, the paper removed the hateful “Jesus graph,” and apologized (sort of).

NBC Unveils new attack on “Crazy Christians” September 15, 2006

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In the premiere of the new NBC drama “Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip,” created by “West Wing” producer-writer Aaron Sorkin, the show goes “behind the scenes” of a show resembling SNL, with a censor telling the producer that he can’t air another skit against “crazy” Christians. Read more (here) (more…)

“DefCon”–Colson Exposes the Left’s high rollers September 10, 2006

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In this insightful piece entitled “Bankrolling Hostility,” Chuck Colson breaks down the tactics of the left and their sources of major funding. Colson, as always, remains shrewd but tactful in the way he deals with liberals and the moneybags that buttress their dark deeds.

Jesus cartoons draw attention to UVA campus paper September 9, 2006

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Offended by this image? Many students at UVA are, but the local coverage (here) suggests that you should take it all in stride. Others like it too vulgar to display here (link to archive) appear and continue to draw strong criticism from Christian groups, complaining that these images strike hatefully against the Christ of Christianity. (more…)

Mock trial condemns three brothers in SEAO August 9, 2006

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You should read this brief (here) concerning the execution of three believers in Sulawesi, Indonesia, who maintain their innocence. Pray for justice, and pray that the Lord would exalt himself as a result of these difficult times. Pray for their families and for the spread of the gospel in this dark land.

Muslim Group wants F. Graham barred from Canada July 17, 2006

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On its website late last week (linked here), the Islamic group CAIR and their canadian counterpart CAIR-CAN opposed the entry of Franklin Graham across the border into Canada. Graham’s organization responds to the outcry with a statement of clarification released through the press (here).

Where’s the Islam in Islamic Terrorism? June 9, 2006

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In this intriguing blast (here), Andrew McCarthy has some strong things to say concerning the alarming lack of media coverage linking Islamic terrorists to the religion and its doctrines that drive them to murder infidels, not to love and die for them so that they may live.

McCarthy closes strong, “They apparently are not members of the terror network, did not train at the Qaeda camps, and have not been directed by the Qaeda hierarchy. All they have in common with al Qaeda is their schooling in the same creed. And their conclusion that this creed commands them to murder.”

One observation: I have long concluded that further evidence of this first-order gag against the Islamo-terror connection deepens in the surprising absence of journalistic response to opinions like McCarthy’s. If there is no connection, then surely someone on the left would be strongly condemning writings like Andrew’s as racist and bigoted. It seems that somewhere a memo was circulated that prohibits any real discussion of this “scoop.”