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‘Typhoon No. 5 Campaign’ expels 100+ Missionaries from China July 16, 2007

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In a bold move, the Chinese government has executed the largest expulsion of foreign missionaries in recent memory. In 1954, the Chinese Communist government expelled all foreign religious workers after taking power in 1949. Since then, China has refused to recognize international missionary status. As a result, many missionaries work in education or corporate sectors to stay in China.

Working in Xinjiang, Beijing, Tibet, and Shandong, the operation, code name “Typhoon No. 5” was an effort to silence mission activities before the Beijing Olympics next year.

Pray for those who work diligently to spread the gospel there.

Read the article here.


Search for pastor over at First Baptist Dallas July 15, 2007

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Larry McLaughlin, pulpit committee chairman, explained this morning in an all-services announcement that they had reached a decision.  While the name won’t be announced until Aug. 5., the candidate will preach August 12 at First Baptist Dallas “in view of a call,” blogophiles and reporters are already launching.

Read the article from Sunday’s DMN.

International Call to Repent: Missions must remain Biblical July 13, 2007

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Chris Wright, International Director of Langham Partnership International and Chair of the Lausanne Theology Working Group, has warned that the world church must become more “biblical” or else risk “a betrayal of the gospel”.

The spirit of his address is summed in his conclusion:  “We need repentance and renewal in the church, as well as renewed passion for world mission. Otherwise, we may become as the Lausanne Covenant put it, ‘a stumbling block to evangelism…a betrayal of the gospel.’”

Wright serves under world renowned theologian and evangelist John Stott, and he has a unique link between the Langham Partnership International and the Lausanne movement. Stott is the the founder and honorary president of Langham Partnership as well as serving alongside Billy Graham at the first Lausanne Congress in 1974.

Read the press here on the theology work group and the future of missions.

Raising Boys and Girls: Books that Build the Family July 12, 2007

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In a previous post, I mentioned the recent release of the Dangerous Book for Boys, and now I want to recommend several other titles that can make your home, backyard, and weekend far more exciting for your kids and you, without the TV.

First, I have no girls, but Mom, so I’ll recommend the girls’ book first, American Girls Handy Book: How to Amuse Yourself and Others. Its filled with low tech entertainment for girls, from May-baskets to homemade fireworks, and it will not disappoint.

Now to the boys. Since I have already mentioned books like this in the past, I’ll jump right in:

Second, The Field and Forest Handy Book: New Ideas for Out of Doors. This book is authored by the founder of the Boy Scouts of America, Daniel Beard.

Third, The Boy Mechanic: 200 Classic Things to Build, this book will teach you and your son to build like a man. From the editors of Popular Mechanics, this book includes all sorts of gadgets that will keep the boys busy, without TV or PSP.

If you know of another book that helps out in the backyard, let me know.

Evangelicals, Charismatics, and Muslims Meet in Egypt July 11, 2007

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 In a summit at the Egyptian embassy, a select group of men from Christian and Islamic causes gathered to discuss the future of the Christian-Islamic relations. Benny Hinn organized the meeting, which included Ralph Reed, Jonathan Falwell, Richard Cizik, Joshua Youssef, Ron Godwin, Gordon Robertson, son of televangelist Pat Robertson; Paul Crouch Jr., son of Trinity Broadcasting Network founder Paul Crouch Sr.; German evangelist Reinhard Bonnke; former NAE President Don Argue; and Vernon Brewer, president of the Forest, Va., relief organization World Help.

Muslim interests present included representatives from Algeria, Morocco, Libya, Kuwait, Yemen, Iraq, Bahrain, Jordan, Egypt and the Arab League, the umbrella organization that unites their cause.

Meeting behind closed doors, the group released few statements to-date, except that Cizik will organize another meeting soon.

The Wash Times covered the event.

Dr. Harold O. J. Brown, R.I.P. July 9, 2007

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Joe Brown, professor and evangelical leader, went to be with the Lord on Sunday night, July 8, 2007. He was a powerful preacher, influential teacher and leader, and man of God that led one of the earliest effective pro-life movements in the post-Roe v. Wade era.

Click here for his Obituary.

Click here for his RTS faculty page.

Click here for the bio and c.v. of Dr. Brown.


Boys must be boys July 9, 2007

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Is you know a boy that can tell you what PSP, PS2, and X360 stand for but has no idea how to tie a bowline, clovehitch, or a hasty harness, then you need to spend a few dollars on him and buy him a book. Not just any book, but the Dangerous Book for Boys. There are several additional titles that carry similar themes, including one for girls, and you must start somewhere.

I have used these books with my 3 sons for some time now, and every day is an adventure, but these books are not written for the disengaged dad. Get ready to build forts, hew canoes, design booby traps, and get ready to release a hearty roar or rumble with you kids.

Al Mohler, president of Southern Seminary, reviewed the book on his blog in late May. He also uses it at home with his family.

Also, The Weekly Standard reviews it this month, and the review alone is worth the purchase price of the book.

If you are a father, hope to be one some day, or know a dad in need of some chest-thumping with his sons, get the book–you’ll be glad you did.

Watch the trailer for the book here.

Take the quiz: What’s your Theological Worldview? July 8, 2007

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In this quiz, you may find an interesting answer to the questions, “Who’s your favorite Theologian?” In this quick survey, a computer determines your theological worldview by compiling your answers to a few easy-response questions. For example, “The Bible is supremely authoritative.” Answer simply from 1-5, ranging from “disagree” to “agree.” In just a few minutes, you will make history, or at least have fun trying.

Take the Theologian quiz now.

07/07/07 – The Best Part of the Best News that the World has ever Heard July 7, 2007

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Through over 63 years in evangelical ministry, J. I. Packer has written, preached, and led many to think deeply about theology, the cross, and how Jesus changed the world. In this reflection, he looks back over decades of powerful ministry and contends for the center of the gospel – penal substitutionary atonement. He begins, “One’s belief about the atonement is bound up with one’s belief about the character of God, the terms of the gospel and the Christian’s inner life, the intensity of the debate is understandable.”

During the firestorm of the Reformation, Luther asked the question, “How may a weak, perverse and guilty sinner find a gracious God?” J. I. Packer argues that “real Christianity only really starts when that discovery is made.”

He closes with one of my favorite hymns: The Church is and will always be at its healthiest when every Christian can line up with every other Christian to sing P. P. Bliss’s simple words, which really say it all:

Bearing shame and scoffing rude
In my place condemned he stood,
Sealed my pardon with his blood-
Hallelujah! What a Saviour!

Post Warning: For Serious Book Readers Only July 6, 2007

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If you’ve ever read at the local cafe and wondered why it seems you spend more time talking and looking than reading, then this post is for you (Warning: if you are suffer from claustrophobia, this post is probably not for you).  Scientists agree readers spend more energy fighting distraction than on reading itself.

Sakura Adachi, a furniture designer in Milan, admires pigeons for their ability to create private nooks in public spaces. That avian factoid of note inspired her to create a bookshelf, “The Cave,” for readers who want their furniture to be stylistic, yet functional, and especially for readers.

Read the NYT says about it.