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Politics of Population and Poverty June 2, 2007

Posted by moverstreet in Bible & Theology, Culture/Society, Family, Politics/Public Policy, World News.

Why is the World Bank funding abortions?  In the last decade, over $2 Billion has been spent on “reproductive health,” which for secularists means abortion on demand, among other things.

Beyond erroneous reproductive spending, additional billions have been spent to reduce populations in developing countries, but this reproductive control has yielded no tangible economic progress, which is the functional purpose of the World Bank.

Mike Miller, Acton Institute director, asks in this article, “What about the rule of fair laws for every citizen, property rights, and a culture that rewards entrepreneurship? These traits have never existed perfectly anywhere on earth, but the degree to which they have been present reflects the degree to which prosperity has been achieved. Conversely, where they remain absent — as in much of the developing world today — poverty and misery are found in their stead.”

He concludes, “People can choose whether to eat a Big Mac or shop at Wal-Mart, but when foreign aid is made contingent on reproductive health policies that include abortion — and there is no choice — that is real cultural imperialism. It is ironic that Europe, the very continent facing an economic crisis because of population decline, is busily promoting its own disease as a panacea for what ails the developing world.”

Read the article here.



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