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SMU Professors protest Conference on Campus March 25, 2007

Posted by moverstreet in Campus, Culture/Society, Missions/Evangelism/Apologetics, Politics/Public Policy.

So much for academic freedom.  In this article (here),  science professors from several departments are upset about a conference and its presentation of “Intelligent Design.” Many “fired blistering letters to the administration,” asking that the event be shut down, the article explains.

So far, the adminstration has upheld their decision to allow the conference to continue.  I just hope they don’t cave in to the intolerant scientists who want to stifle community and conversation.

Read my previous post on the conference.



1. Jeffrey Weiss - March 25, 2007

For more content on this topic and more bloggery, you are welcome to visit the Dallas Morning News Religion blog at http://religion.beloblog.com/.

2. Robin West - March 26, 2007

Well, I must say that I am not surprised. It is becoming apparent that the faculty of SMU are not truly committed to the idea of academic freedom. First, the split of the Bush Library and now a conference on intelligent design. I guess if it is not liberal and secular in perspective its not worthy of discussion. so much for freedom of inquiry. I wonder what they are afraid of?

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