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Miss Jamaica conceives, gives up crown to save a life March 18, 2007

Posted by moverstreet in Bible & Theology, Culture/Society, Politics/Public Policy, World News.

Instead of stepping into an abortion clinic, Sara Lawrence, current Miss Jamaica World 2006, decided to step down to deliver her child into the world.  She explains, “Having taken a deeply personal decision to face up to my responsibilities as one who expects to become a mother later this year.”

Calling her out-of-wedlock pregnancy the result of “an error of judgment,” the Miss Jamaica World pageant authorities said, “There was another way out of the predicament that Sara found herself to be in and many, perhaps most, young women would have chosen that path.”

Thankfully, Sara’s lapse in judgement that led to her pregnancy did not lead her to further her mistakes by ending her child’s life.  In her mind, she had one “choice”:  step down.

May more step up with such courage in the coming days, and may God help us to give them the support and care they need to make that moral, God-honoring, bold decision.

Read the brief here.



1. JamaicaLandWeLove - March 30, 2007


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