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TIME–Teach Bible in Public Schools March 31, 2007

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This week’s Time magazine (April 2, 2007) features the image of CliffsNotes of the Bible.  To your surprise, you discover that the cover article explores the reasons why courses on the Bible are rising rapidly throughout the US.

The article claims that Bible curriculum is being studied in 460 school districts across thirty-seven states.  Read and understand this phenomenon, then pray that the Lord would use it for good.

 You need to read this article.


The Future of Academic Publishing at Broadman & Holman March 29, 2007

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I visited with Ray Clendenen at Broadman & Holman several weeks ago over coffee, and he shared with me his vision for the Academic division that he now chairs.

If you wonder where he would like to see B&H move, then you should read this recent statement reflecting his hopes in the SBC and the future of academic publishing.


Churches celebrate Wilberforce 200th anniversary March 26, 2007

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Worship Services and church sponsored special events commemorate the contributions of William Wilberforce, leading abolitionist of the early 19th century.

Christianity Today highlights Wilberforce’s efforts in the anti-slave trade movement.  Wilberforce credited his Christian faith as the driving force behind his focus on the 20-year campaign that fought to see the slave trade end.

Read the article here.

SMU Professors protest Conference on Campus March 25, 2007

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So much for academic freedom.  In this article (here),  science professors from several departments are upset about a conference and its presentation of “Intelligent Design.” Many “fired blistering letters to the administration,” asking that the event be shut down, the article explains.

So far, the adminstration has upheld their decision to allow the conference to continue.  I just hope they don’t cave in to the intolerant scientists who want to stifle community and conversation.

Read my previous post on the conference.

Darwin Vs. Design Conference in Dallas March 24, 2007

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Conference announcement:

Join New York Times bestselling author Lee Strobel and leading scientists and philosophers as they explore the growing scientific evidence that life and the universe were intelligently designed at this two-day event on April 13 and 14 in the McFarlin Auditorium on the campus of Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas.
Featured speakers include:

Link here to the event.

Wilberforce, Peters, Sharp honored in Sierra Leone March 23, 2007

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As Britain marks the 200 year anniversary of abolition of the slave trade, Sierra Leone has decided to transform the streets of its capital, Freetown. Streets that once bore the names of British families are now being replaced with the names of Africans who fought in the abolition movement.

Sierra Leone now stands where the colony William Wilberforce, Thomas Peters, and Granville Sharp founded as a haven for freed slaves.

Read the article here.

Wilberforce anniversary and the Legacy of Slavery March 22, 2007

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In the wake of the 200th anniversary of the abolition of British slavery, the BBC has devoted considerable press to the event and its commemoration.  In this brief, Steve Martin, a writer and historian of black history, explains that “we still cannot agree on the very basics of what the slave trade did to the world.

Read on, “The legacy of slavery is one of the hardest issues in world history upon which to find agreement. The sheer scale of the transactions of slavery – the untold cargo of people whose names, heritage and culture were extinguished – is, like the Nazi holocaust, almost impossible to take in.

But 200 years on there are voices around the world who say we still need to address the legacy of those events.”

Read the article here.

Brazilian Tele-Pastor indicted March 21, 2007

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In a previous post (here), I mentioned the charges filed against Estevam Hernandes and his wife, Sonia, mega-televangelists from Brazil.  This week, they appeared in court to answer the indictment, while Brazilian authorities, charging the couple with money laundering and fraud, are seeking extradition.

Read the update here.

LA Times op-ed argues for Bible Curriculum in Public Schools March 20, 2007

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Stephen Prothero, chairman of the religion department at Boston University, argues in the LA Times that Biblical illiteracy is tanking America–both in the spiritual and civic realm.  It should be taught in public schools, he argues, because of the Bible’s transformational role in the the history of Western Civilization.

Here’s a taste, “According to a study by the Bible Literacy Project, which publishes a Bible textbook for secondary schools, only 8% of U.S. high school students have access to an elective Bible course. As a result, an entire generation of Americans is growing up almost entirely ignorant of the most influential book in world history, unable to understand the 1,300 biblical allusions in Shakespeare, the scriptural oratory of President Lincoln and the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. or even the prominence of Ezekiel 25:17 (actually a mishmash of this verse and passages from Genesis, Psalms and other books) in the film ‘Pulp Fiction.'”

Read it here.

Spring Fever-Plagiarism Big Problem on campus today March 19, 2007

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In a cut-n-paste society, university campuses are dealing more than ever with term papers, which consist more of “search” than “research.”  The problem–plagiarism.

The article explains, “Plagiarism on campus grabbed the state’s attention in 2001 when a University of Virginia physics professor, acting on a tip, checked student papers using a homemade computer program. The school eventually charged 158 students with plagiarism. Nineteen months later, 20 students had been found guilty of honor violations and kicked out, another 28 admitted guilt and left the school on their own, and 90 students were exonerated. The rest received lesser punishments or treatment, such as counseling, the university reported.”

Plagiarism software packages like “Turnitin” are increasingly in popularity.  Turnitin is used “by thousands of colleges and high schools in more than 90 countries,” the article reports.

Read the article here.