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Human Dignity, Peter Singer and the ethics committee? January 28, 2007

Posted by moverstreet in Bible & Theology, Culture/Society, Politics/Public Policy.

Have you ever considered the possibility that a team of physicians and healthcare workers may some day sit on a committee to advise your family on how to proceed with your medical care? Peter Singer has, and he’s doing all he can to have an influence over those who will be making life decisions at some of America’s most influential hospitals.

In this op-ed (here), he tells readers of a young girl (Ashley X) soon to be treated “with hormones so she will remain below normal height and weight, to have her uterus removed and to have surgery on her breasts so they will not develop.” But, for Singer, the op-ed is less about Ashley and more about his agenda.

Singer explains the fact that he finds more “dignity” in “dogs or cats” than he does in lives like little Ashley’s. Moreover, he explains that all of her dignity is wrapped up in the amount love her family gives her, not in the God who said He formed her in His image, not matter her condition. Yet, for humans created in the image of the Creator, dignity and worth always exceeds that of canines and kittens. Little Ashley is no exception.

All procedures aside, Singer’s use of this case to advance his agenda is deplorable, but one thing’s for sure, there are physicians and nurses reading Singer’s material every day. What will they decide when your charts land on the table?



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