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“U2-charist” in England to feature Rock, Lord’s Supper January 30, 2007

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An adapted communion service will feature a live band that will play U2 classics including “Mysterious Ways” and “Beautiful Day” as churchgoers sing at St Swithin’s parish church. The event’s purpose targets world poverty alleviation through the “Millennium Development Goals,” a cause promoted by U2 singer and lyricist Bono with fellow Irish musician Bob Geldof.

With “sophisticated lighting” that will “pulse with the beat,” the screen will feature “striking visual images of poverty and drought,” the Bp. Timothy Ellis said the service would be “completely inclusive.” (more…)


Canadian Terror Suspect cleared, paid millions for P&S January 29, 2007

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Syrian-born Canadian Maher Arar is to be compensated $8.9 million for Ottawa’s role in his deportation by U.S. authorities to Damascus, Syria, where he explains he was tortured and imprisoned for nearly a year. Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper again called on Washington to remove Maher Arar from its terror and no-fly watchlists.

American Authorities, however, think otherwise. U.S. Ambassador David Wilkins responded to the Canadian demands to the Arar file saying, “It’s a little presumptuous of him to say who the United States can and cannot allow into our country.”

In a recent letter, Homeland Security chief Michael Chertoff and A.G. Gonzales both feel Arar’s status on both lists as “appropriate.” They explained, “‘Our conclusion in this regard is supported by information developed by U.S. law enforcement agencies that is independent of that provided to us by Canada with regard to Mr. Arar,’ the letter said, adding that they wished to thank Canada for its cooperation in fighting terrorism.”

As a nation, we must endeavor to protect the innocent by wisely and carefully exercising our power to control those who would harm us.

As soldiers of Christ, we must pray both for those who are in leadership as well as those who suffer under these controls. We ought to pray for justice and wisdom to protect the innocent, whether they sit as citizens who empower the officers to exercise protection or if they sit in Gitmo. Most of all, we should find ourselves seeking righteousness and the return of the One who will some day make all things right with one look from above. Maranatha.

View Arar’s personal blog here.

Peter Singer, Part 2 January 28, 2007

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In the previous post, I mentioned Ashley and her life challenges. If you would like to read more, see the following:

Ashley’s parent’s blog

The Report

Mp3 case for her procedure

Mp3 case against her procedure

Human Dignity, Peter Singer and the ethics committee? January 28, 2007

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Have you ever considered the possibility that a team of physicians and healthcare workers may some day sit on a committee to advise your family on how to proceed with your medical care? Peter Singer has, and he’s doing all he can to have an influence over those who will be making life decisions at some of America’s most influential hospitals.

In this op-ed (here), he tells readers of a young girl (Ashley X) soon to be treated “with hormones so she will remain below normal height and weight, to have her uterus removed and to have surgery on her breasts so they will not develop.” But, for Singer, the op-ed is less about Ashley and more about his agenda.

Singer explains the fact that he finds more “dignity” in “dogs or cats” than he does in lives like little Ashley’s. Moreover, he explains that all of her dignity is wrapped up in the amount love her family gives her, not in the God who said He formed her in His image, not matter her condition. Yet, for humans created in the image of the Creator, dignity and worth always exceeds that of canines and kittens. Little Ashley is no exception.

All procedures aside, Singer’s use of this case to advance his agenda is deplorable, but one thing’s for sure, there are physicians and nurses reading Singer’s material every day. What will they decide when your charts land on the table?

Hill’ Humor January 27, 2007

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If, like me, you need a picture to illustrate your feelings when you think of another Clinton occupying the White House, I recommend this comic from WW.

Mohler reflects on his illness and past January 26, 2007

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In this article, Al Mohler reflects on his walk through the valley as well as the impact his hospitalization had on his theology, both of which have led him to think more often of and pray for the sick and infirmed. He explains, “I don’t think my basic worldview has changed – other than just being intensified in the experience of knowing that God has a purpose for me and if anything has given me a second chance to continue.”

Read the article here.

Education (Part 3) – The Intelligent need to learn Wisdom January 25, 2007

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In his final argument of the three-part series (part 1) (part 2), Charles Murray argues that post-secondary education should be specialized and direct the gifted toward higher learning modules.

Read the article (here).

Education (Part 2) – Too Many Americans go to College? January 24, 2007

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In yesterday’s post (here), Mr Murray explained the intelligence crisis and how it affects the classroom in public school. Today, Mr. Murray argues that American culture demands too many young people go to college.

He explains, “Rightly understood, college is appropriate for a small minority of young adults–perhaps even a minority of the people who have IQs high enough that they could do college-level work if they wished. People who go to college are not better or worse people than anyone else; they are merely different in certain interests and abilities.” Controversial and provocative, no doubt.

Read the article (here).

President Bush: State of the Union January 23, 2007

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Below, you will find the text of the January 2007 State of the Union Address:

Madam Speaker, Vice President Cheney, Members of Congress, distinguished guests, and fellow citizens:

Education (Part 1) – Public School, IQ, and America’s Crisis of Underachievement January 23, 2007

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If you have ever wondered what may be bridling public education in this country this article may offer more light on the subject.

Charles Murray, the W. H. Brady Scholar at the American Enterprise Institute, argues that intelligence, g, may be the real issue behind educators’ inability to solve the public school crisis in America.

Read the article (here).