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Harvard and the New Direction of Higher-Ed Curriculum December 15, 2006

Posted by moverstreet in Campus, Church, Culture/Society, World News.

Harvard University has decided to drop a controversial proposal that would require undergraduates to study religion as a part of a 30-year currculum revision.  In this article (here), CNN picks up the Reuters’ post concerning the recent decision.
This curricular tack should come as no surprise, but you should be aware of the changes.  Why?  Because IVY League institutions generally chart the course for the nation’s universities–public and private.  Harvard’s influence is easily seen and difficult to measure.

The article explains, “Harvard professor Louis Menand, who co-chaired the committee that drafted the plan, said religion competed with other, equally valid subjects. “It is an important subject, but nationalism is an important subject, and race is an important subject and markets is an important subject,” said Menand.

From a dean’s perspective (Covenant Theological Seminary), read another take (here).



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2. kim tan - April 28, 2007

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