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Joyce Meyer and Christian Celebrity September 17, 2006

Posted by moverstreet in Bible & Theology, Church.

If you ever stopped to watch Joyce Meyer rebuke/instruct an audience of thousands, and wondered why so many watch her speak, then you need to read this post. My wife and I have long agreed that when men start preaching the Word with power, calling out heresy instead of ignoring it, and living like disciples, then voices like Meyer’s would fall on more discerning ears. Read my friend Mark Moore and his brief observations here.



1. Debbie Wimmers - September 23, 2006

I thought she was a firm believer in the cross and ressurection.

2. David Allan - May 3, 2007

Joyce Meyer is a very deeply angry and guilt driven person. She was molested by her father at a young age and suffers from obvious mental illness as a result. Her whole ministry is based on making Christians feel inadequate about who they are and is very fear and shame based. She needs help and does not need to be influensing people with her brand of sickness.

3. patriot4220 - June 14, 2007

Joyce is not making us feel inadequate. She is encouraging us to be like christians. No preacher is perfect.

4. Delores Edwards - September 11, 2007

joyce meyer is a practical preacher she does not lift up her self above others .Always give you some example what she have through in life and thats a good encouragement for and many others .continute to do your best for the you can’t please every one .

5. annette - November 28, 2007

all i know is that jesus died and rose again for me and you. so many people have been saved by the teachings of this woman. doesnt that matter? that is our goal as christians to preach and talk of GODS love, and salvation. stop talking, writing what this woman does. if something is wrong with her she will one day be face to face with each and one of us. lets talk to people about the salvation of christ, not what other people are doing with their money or eny other things. read the bible and ask god to guide you trew the readings only he can help.

6. Carlos - December 6, 2007

It sounds like Mark is a bit angry. I am a male and totally understand what Joyce means by “not being a sinner”, could she have explained it better by stating mans position versus condition, sure! But rather then writing her and asking, or calling and asking for clarity.. you turn to back biting murmuring.. which is not a fruit of the Spirit…
Sadly you are guilty of a far more worst sin.. since you find it so necessary to judge, what are you doing or have done to restore her?

I think her (Joyce) point is as the verse in Hebrews states “perfected forever those who are being sanctified”

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