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Jesus cartoons draw attention to UVA campus paper September 9, 2006

Posted by moverstreet in Exposing Bias, Politics/Public Policy.

Offended by this image? Many students at UVA are, but the local coverage (here) suggests that you should take it all in stride. Others like it too vulgar to display here (link to archive) appear and continue to draw strong criticism from Christian groups, complaining that these images strike hatefully against the Christ of Christianity. The images of Jesus, coupled with profanity and indecency, are meant to ‘humor’ the reader, the paper explains. One Roanoke sage writes, “Ideas, things that people believe voluntarily, are fair game for commentary, positive and negative, humorous and serious. Religion falls into that latter group, as evidenced by the panoply of belief, including the number of people who reject faith in the divine. It is a reasonable policy [to allow the cartoon’s publication]. Just because something offends cherished beliefs does not mean it must not be spoken or, in this case, drawn.”

For some issues in the West, this would be considered a hate crime, but for others its fair play.



1. UVA responds to overwhelming criticism « Mark Overstreet - September 16, 2006

[…] In a previous post (here), I noted the hypocrisy of a society that allows attacks on Christians but files hate crimes charges and makes reparations with other religious groups (in the case of this paper, Muslims). Well, the paper removed the hateful “Jesus graph,” and apologized (sort of). Published in: […]

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