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If you like church-rap cuts and remixes… July 30, 2006

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If you think I’m the only guy up to the challenge of accepting a new genre into my ipod, click (here), where my colleague Denny Burk combines dual affections–mega-church and rap. (more…)


Evangelical Rap, Hip hop, and R&B July 30, 2006

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This week, I was handed a CD from one of my Criswell students. The contents included the newest release from another student who is taking his theological training back into the streets and into the recording studio to “take back” hip hop from the world. (more…)

Baptist Colleges pawn gospel in for academic freedom July 24, 2006

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In this weekend’s NY Times (here), it seems that the press has caught up with my friend, Hershael W. York, and his attempts as president of the Kentucky Baptist Convention to block a trustee appointment and recommend one instrutor to the faculty who would be merely open to inerrancy.


Have you heard? July 23, 2006

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Did you hear the news? Without Phonak, my son wouldn’t. Some of you who know me will understand immediately the reason for this post and pic. (more…)

Middlefork of the Flathead July 22, 2006

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For those of you unfamiliar with inflatable kayaks, here is an image that confirms the quality and durability of the new generation of rivercrafts. This shot captured my brother through the “Bonecrusher” hydraulic on the Middlefork of the Flathead River in southern canyon of Glacier National Park, Montana.

Editorial argues ethics of stem cell agenda spreads to investors July 18, 2006

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In her insightful op-ed , BBC contributor draws on the similarities of the 1912 discovery of the skull of so-called Piltdown Man, discovered by Charles Dawson and Arthur Smith Woodward in the gravel pits of Sussex. Over 40 years later, the “discovery” was exposed as a fraud.

Similarly, Hwang Woo-suk, a pioneer of stem-cell research, once one of the world’s most celebrated specialists in therapeutic cloning, now faces the possibility of 10 years in prison, after his work was examined and determined to be falsified. (more…)

Muslim Group wants F. Graham barred from Canada July 17, 2006

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On its website late last week (linked here), the Islamic group CAIR and their canadian counterpart CAIR-CAN opposed the entry of Franklin Graham across the border into Canada. Graham’s organization responds to the outcry with a statement of clarification released through the press (here).

GM Eco-mobile and the future of auto travel July 16, 2006

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In this feature, the new GM Hy-Wire is showcased. Its H-powered, has an interchangeable body, no pedals, and all mirrors have been replaced with digital video.

Also, the H-drive engine derives its hydrogen from saltwater, our most abundant resource.

This may sound too east coast for some of my friends in Texas, but I look forward to seeing the day the Hy-Wire rolls off the assembly floor. And with a R&D pricetag of nearly $9.2m, I look forward to the consumer version.

Watch the video here.

Kingdom Gentrification July 16, 2006

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You may need to refresh your memory on the definition of gentrification, but after that, you should read this thoughtful theology of property recovery for kingdom purposes.

Evangelicals everywhere need to follow this example of witness and ministry.

Read the article here.

Pastor fills bars in outreach effort July 15, 2006

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Rob Bell, Michigan pastor (previously covered here) of the mega-Mars Hill Bible Church near Grand Rapids, is now doing meta-stand-up in bars around the country.

Bell founded the church in 1999, which now meets in a cavernous building (former shopping mall) and draws more than 11,000 to his weekend services.

Bordering on self-proclaimed “utter-foolishness,” Bell admits his efforts “crank up the risk factor” and may “crash land.”

Jim Hamilton, my friend and much-published collaborer (blog) in the kingdom, is quoted in the article, “If you want to be contextualized, that’s fine, but you have to be contextualizing the Gospel,” he said. “If you are not contextualizing the Gospel, you are just being conformed to the spirit of the age.”

Contextualization in evangelism and outreach is like typologization in biblical interpretation. There must exist some objective boundaries and safeguards in place; otherwise, where ends the envelope?

See the coverage from Houston (here).