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US preps for ‘Day without an Immigrant’ April 30, 2006

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On May Day, it is estimated that millions of immigrants and allies will participate in “The Great May 1st Boycott.” Protesters will stay home from school, avoid work, and cease engaging in commerce in order to demand amnesty for the nearly 12 million illegal immigrants in the US.

Juan Jose Gutierrez, national coordinator for Latino Movement USA, is one of the lead organizers of Monday’s planned boycott.

ANSWER, a coalition civil rights groups says, “Let’s show the government, corporations and racist politicians that a powerful, united people’s movement has the power to win civil rights, workers’ rights and make history. . . . No business as usual on May 1!”

CNN describes the organized boycott (here).

An Pro-Anarchy website describes the protest (here).

Ready or not–the necessity of a balanced immigration policy will be accelerated by this protest.


United 93–In Living Color? April 30, 2006

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Todd Beamer, husband, father of three, and American hero, will be remembered as one of the brave of September 11 that suffered death on Flight 93.

In this week’s WSJ, Todd’s father, David writes (here) of the importance of this weekend’s release of “United 93” (see trailer here), the film that depicts the events that led to the end of the flight heading toward Washington, D. C., on 9/11.

The movie (official website here) received a restricted rating, which will detour many viewers. CT reviewed the movie positively (here).

Also, a portion of the profits from the movie will go toward the Flight 93 Memorial Fund (here).

Golden Tongue in weekend paper April 23, 2006

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On Pascha (Easter) night in the Eastern Church, Orthodox Christian Church ministers do not preach their own sermon but rather preach the homily on the Resurrection by John Chrysostom, Archbishop of Constantinople, a man considered by most to be one the greatest preachers in the history of Christianity.

The homily, translated by Mark Arey, pastor of St. John Chrysostom Greek Orthodox Mission, appears here in Nashville’s The Tennessean.

Its Easter–for the rest of us… April 23, 2006

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According to my calendar, last week was Easter. But to the other half of the Christian world, it was today.

The Reason? Western churches use the Gregorian calendar, while Orthodox churches use the older Julian calendar.

Both agree that the resurrection occurred on the first Sunday after the first full moon on or after the vernal equinox, as established by the Council of Nicea in 325.

The calendars do, however, occasionally coincide. Both sides celebrated together in 2001 and 2004, and will do it again in 2007.

Pentecostals celebrate centennial April 23, 2006

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Here, Jeff Weiss at the Dallas Morning News discusses the centennial history of Pentecostals, calling them “America’s most successful spiritual export.”

In his article, he notes, “Pentecostalism has thrived despite having two early core doctrines proven wrong. Early Pentecostal leaders believed that Jesus was returning soon. That urgency explained why they expected help from the Holy Spirit in the form of the gift of languages – the ability to speak to all peoples of the earth.
Jesus hasn’t returned. And the “languages” turned out not to be earthly. “Glossolalia,” or speaking in tongues, is now usually described by believers as a “private prayer language.” But to outsiders, it’s gibberish.”

Interesting, or those who know me well, “Hmm.”

Full Court Press Begins Early for SBC 2006 April 23, 2006

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In this weekend’s Star-Telegram, early coverage of resolutions that may appear on the floor of the SBC stirs the waters of the DFW metroplex, here in the buckle of the Bible-belt.

Here, a pastor from Arlington’s Parkview Baptist Church, which is aligned solely with the conservative Southern Baptist Convention of Texas, articulates his objection to recent IMB board action to remove a trustee who wrote a dissentious blog after board action had concluded.

Knowing the issues and decisions that have been publicly discussed this year in both the IMB and NAMB will prove vital for comprehending the conversation at this year’s convention.

Between Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday… April 15, 2006

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Christians around the world draw together this Sunday to celebrate the power of the resurrection, and to worship the Risen Lord.

No services are held on Saturday to celebrate his burial, because the day of his entombment marks to the pinnacle of his humiliation in death.

Many overlook the significance of this day, looking back to Friday and the magnitude of the crucifixion. Similarly, we look forward to the great day of triumph in new life and resurrection.

But in 1 Cor 15, the apostle identifies three acts in his historic work: his death, his burial, and and his resurrection.

Consider the burial of Jesus and its meaning for the work of Salvation. The burial of Jesus marks the culmination of his suffering. His burial demonstrates the extent of his death as well as the last stage of his mediatorial work of returning to dust, just as the first Adam had. Thus, his burial was an act of Christ sharing in the humiliation and harm of the grave, and not merely to prove He was dead.

In his burial, Jesus removes the terrors of death and the grave by suffering the descent into this humiliating locus, redeeming the grave and sanctifying it for His glory.

So this year, consider the grave and the burial of Christ. Consider your grave, and the extent of your humiliation suffered in this world and in your daily dying to Him. Then, as you are reduced to ashes and dust, Sunday comes with greater anticipation.

After suffering the pangs of burial you long for the restoration found in resurrection. Then, like Paul, the day between Good Friday and Resurrection Day will carry with it great significance in your own life–for it’s the day you’re reduced to nothing. Then–and only then–He can raise you in newness of life through the stone-moving power of His resurrection.

Consider the burial of Christ.

Pagels forsakes truth, bows to the pressure of sensationalism April 9, 2006

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Discussions around the world this week peaked concerning the gospel of Judas. In today’s NYT (here), Pagels, professor of religion at Princeton, relishes the discovery of this new ‘twist’ on Jesus’ ministry.

Unlike Irenaeus, who called this work and those like it heresy and blasphemy, Ms. Pagels sees this work as one that “explodes the myth of a monolithic Christianity.”

She concludes, “Those of us who go to church may find our Easter reflections more mysterious than ever.”

The only mystery this ‘professor’ needs is the one revealed in power that Paul explains in Rom 16:25ff and 1 Cor 2.

Today, that mystery is revealed through powerful gospel preaching, not through the discovery of some aberrant papyrus.

“Pro-Life Nation” April 9, 2006

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In today’s NYT, Jack Hitt constructs graphic and disturbing account of the underground abortion industry in El Salvador, a country where all abortion is illegal. He uses the tragedies of illegal activity and death to build a case for keeping abortion legal in the US, asking rhetorically, “Who would ever want this kind of crime in the US?”

Dark and detailed with gore, the nine-page rant functions as a construct of an abortion advocate who believes that being “pro-life” means that one must be prepared to deal on a national scale with this magnitude of death through blackmarket abortion. This end is inevitable, he screams, if the US ever considers pro-life legislation.

He asks the question, “What happens when you completely criminalize abortion? Over the last eight years, El Salvador has found out.”

Though lengthy, you should read this article to understand the mind behind the abortion agenda.

See the article (here). Caution: Contains very graphic description of procedures.

“The Church of Global Warming” April 8, 2006

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In this article, Mark Tooley demonstrates the flaccidity of preaching in many of our nation’s pulpits.

Just a taste:
“How can America repent for its complicity in Global Warming? The “repentance” required by the Religious Left includes all the demands of the secular Green Left: comply with the Kyoto Accord, reduce economic growth, regulate the economy more, increase taxes, reduce U.S. sovereignty, maximize U.S. aid to the supposed global victims of America’s pollution and greed.

“Perhaps, then, a benevolent Mother Earth will withhold her anger, and spare a repentant America and the rest of the world from Her divine judgment of Global Warming, with its rising sea levels, withering crops, increased disease and pestilence, and, as Archbishop Williams warned, “billions” of deaths.

“That’s the prophecy of the Religious Left. More traditional religionists will recall, with the Psalmist, that the earth is the Lord’s footstool, and it is not the fragile porcelain imagined by some ardent secularists and religious faddists. God may indeed judge the world, but the sins that provoke Him might be more serious than purchasing an SUV or occasionally voting Republican.”

See the whole article (here).