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A Time for Honor March 19, 2006

Posted by moverstreet in Bible & Theology, Family, Missions/Evangelism/Apologetics.

Today is Sunday, March 19, 2006, and in our house, we celebrate (bigtime) my third son’s birthday. He turns three today, and he certainly has grown into quite a handful. Tiffanie and I have been blessed with three boys, and each of them displays God’s glory in their own unique way.

As a father, one of the great blessings in my life comes when I enjoy a Sunday afternoon looking through photos of our family, watching God grow these boys into men. One great challenge of parenting comes in reminding oneself that every action–whether in word or deed–serves as a model to our children. Whether we’re yelling at the television during March Madness or plinking with a “Red Rider” in the backyard, they are always watching and listening.

They especially listen on Judson’s birthday when dad answers his older brother’s question about what would motivate us to name his little brother after a “missionary man.” Judson is the youngest of our clan, and his namesake, Adoniram Judson (bio) was the first impassioned international missionary among Baptists in the United States.

Judson is a man who lost his life on the other side of the planet in an unreached country. All of the time and resources and labors of his life were spent in Burma, not Boston. Every Christian soldier should remember that every calorie we invest in this life will soon be summarily judged under the piercing eyes of the Lord Jesus.

From Boston to Burma, Judson hardly considered his life grand or a model for manliness. In a word, he died, so that others might live. So, little Judson, on the anniversary of your third birthday, I offer this prayer: that God would make you–and me–men who will rather die than live, in order to bear much fruit for Christ (John 12:24). Happy Birthday, Judson, and may God continue to raise more Judsons up for His Glory!



1. Denny Burk - March 19, 2006

Dear Judson,

Miss Susan and Mr. Denny say Happy Birthday!

Please tell Joel and Josiah “hello” for me.

Peace out,
Mr. Denny

2. Mark M. Overstreet - March 19, 2006

Dear Discobe, thanks for eating lunch with me today on my special day.

3. Jim Hamilton - April 5, 2006

What a great post!

May the Lord make much of his mercy in the lives of your boys,


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